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Basics of the Game

If you are thinking of getting into a new sport, or just want to have something fun for you or your kids to do, then why not get started with the game of basketball? 

At Home of Hoops, we share tips on how to start, understanding of the sport, basic skills to get better as a basketball player and various topics surrounding the game.

Learning Basketball Rules and Terminology

To begin with, familiarise yourself with the basic rules and terms used in the game of basketball.

Basketball is a team sport, where 2 teams of 5 players try to score by shooting a ball through an elevated hoop. Most associations play by the rules set by the international governing body of basketball (FIBA), however some professional leagues such as the WNBL and WNBA have applied their own modifications to the rules. For the purpose of starting out, click on the link below to start learning about the basic rules of basketball.

Get Started by Joining a Basketball Skills Camp

A great way to get started is to enrol a player into a skills camp. Basketball skills or training camps can cater to all ages and levels of play.

We have compiled a list of youth basketball camps below that are run in the capital cities of Australia. Please note these are just examples to get you started with – Home of Hoops are not affiliated with nor does it make any money from you clicking these links or joining these programs.







Please feel free to drop us a note if you have come across basketball camps and we can update this list with.

We would love to create a list for the non-metropolitan areas of Australia also.

Join Your Local Basketball Association or Club

Basketball Australia (BA) is the governing body for the sport of basketball in Australia and is responsible for the Australia national teams (Boomers and Opals), the Centre of Excellence, the WNBL, NWBL, Australian Junior Championships and Aussie Hoops. Basketball Australia (BA) has state and territory affiliates, as well as affiliate associations at the local level. 

We would recommend you contact your local Basketball Australia (BA) affiliated association to get started. These grass roots local associations offer fantastic opportunities to play socially, participate at the representative level, as well as running many programs and training for players, coaches and referees of all ages and levels.

Follow the links below to your state and territory basketball association, who will be able to guide you to your local club.